Here are what some of my clients say about me..

Kinesiology sessions with Amy are always an absolute delight, her incredibly caring, fun and at ease nature instantly makes me feel at peace before the treatment even begins.
Amy has an instinctive approach to her work and a very intuitive way of finding and connecting with blockages – emotional, spiritual and physical. Her treatments help me regularly to re-connect, re-align, re-tune and re-energise. Amy has also guided me through visualisation techniques and helped me to increase and maintain emotional positivity, balance and focus. I feel continually amazed at the ‘magic’ process and in ore of Amy’s work and her seemingly effortless ability to help me on my journey.  I am so grateful to have found Amy and would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone interested in following this natural healthcare path.”
Louise J, Counsellor
” I slept…and slept…and slept. For the first time in about six weeks….I can’t recommend Amy Stark enough..”
Lucille, Journalist
“Amy has treated me for various ailments (knee injury, general fatigue and headaches) over the years I have been seeing her for treatment. She has always alleviated symptoms, she has always left me feeling physically and mentally more balanced and healthy. I would highly recommend her as a practitioner..”
Melanie D, Teacher & Yoga Instructor