The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting wellWhat is a treatment like?

I will first take a medical and lifestyle history, so that I can discuss any relevant health issues at the beginning of a treatment. You can remain fully clothed in a treatment session. Once the treatment begins, I will place your arms, legs or head into specific positions to practice single muscle tests. I will apply a light pressure on the instruction ‘hold’ and you will try to match my pressure and resist the movement.

The quality of response to this pressure will determine whether or not there is an imbalance in the muscle-organ-meridian circuit (if the muscle locks in place or gives way).

These tests will help me to establish information and feedback from your body about its condition and devise an appropriate treatment plan. Treatment techniques may include:

• massage on body reflex points to stimulate lymphatic flow

• light touch on reflex points on the head to stimulate the system

• stimulation of meridian energy on and off the body

• nutritional support

• emotional balancing by activating reflexes on the head

• specific movements and exercises for improving coordination

In addition is could involve various emotional stress release techniques, Bach Flower remedies, acupressure, gentle structural realignment, chakra balancing, suggested lifestyle changes and more. The exact treatment you receive depends on the feedback your body gives through the muscle test about what it needs to return to health.

No two treatments are ever the same; therefore each treatment is designed for your individual needs.

A treatment will usually last one hour, though the first treatment is scheduled for 1hr30 to allow time for me to take  a full medical consultation.

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